How to Pack Perfectly

Getting ready to move into a new place is exciting, but packing can be stressful. We know that figuring out where to begin, what to pack, and which room to start with can be overwhelming. 

Do not worry, KEEP has you! Starting with a packing checklist can help make the moving process less stressful and help answer the question of how to pack for a move.

Besides, make sure you have the correct moving supplies to pack perfectly! Here are some items that you need to pack perfectly and quickly.

Large Packing or Storage Bags: 

Still using cardboard boxes and plastic bins to pack your belongings? Packing bags is the new trend! Here are some advantages of using a KEEP packing bag instead:

  1. Organized: Packing bags allow you to organize your belongings, making it easier to find what you need when you need them. You can separate your clothes, toiletries, and other items into different bags and pack everything in its place!
  2. Space-saving: Packing bags are designed to be compact and efficient. The KEEP packing bag allows you to pack more in less space and can be folded into a small rectangular bag for easy storage after use. 
  3. Protection: Packing bags can provide an extra layer of protection for your belongings. KEEP bags are waterproof and made of PPE material that protects your items from dust and water.
  4. Easy to carry: Unlike cardboard boxes, packing bags have handles making them easier to carry. You can also fold them into a smaller size and fit them in your luggage, backpack, or carry-on bag without adding extra weight. 
  5. Versatility: Packing bags are not only packing bags! You can use them for a variety of purposes, including travel, storage, and organization. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.   
  6. Sustainable: Throwing away cardboard boxes and purchasing new cardboard boxes cost way more than you thought! Furthermore, you will need to use a ton of tape to pack, which is detrimental to the environment. Instead, you can purchase a reusable packing bag to be eco-friendly.

Of course, in addition to the large capacity of KEEP, it is also essential to use the space inside the bag wisely. We have provided some good ways to pack perfectly.

Perfect ways to pack 

Think big, then edit!

We recommend you gather all the clothes you anticipate needing—then put half of them back. Select more casual clothes for school and more colorful clothes for vacation. If you are planning to live in a dorm, we recommend you prepare 2-3 weeks’ worth of clothes. Evaluate things that you need to bring. 

  1. Choose to roll clothes and socks to save more space. Here is a video tutorial that teaches you how to pack your clothes efficiently using Army Roll Method,

  1. Use compression bags for quilts, duvets, and other items that take up more space. Click the link below to see if you need that!

  1. Use a waterproof bag to store your skin care products to avoid spills during transportation, and choose travel-size toiletries. The smaller size will also help you save more space!
  1. Put heavy products at the bottom. This will give bags a lower center of gravity, which means your belongings will be safer during the trip!
  1. Use a small, soft, individual pouch or box for jewelry to avoid damage.
  1. Roll socks and stuff them inside your shoes - click the tutorial video below to check out!  

  1. Use all the gaps for small stuff

It gets very chaotic when the packing starts, and it is important to evaluate what you 100% will want to bring with you. However, with KEEP bags, we can dispel some of those concerns and give you much more space to pack. Remember, the lighter your moving bag, the heavier items you can bring with you!