About Us

Our story:

Like many great products it all started with a problem. Sisters Lisa Dale and Kristen Grace always share ideas with one another. When it came time to pack their kids up to move into dorm rooms they agreed that there was no perfect solution. Plastic bins are cumbersome to carry. Trunks are heavy. Cardboard boxes and plastic bags are single-use. Luggage and duffle bags are expensive and space consuming in already cramped dorm rooms. 

There had to be a better way.  

With an eye on chic style and a passion for eco-friendly products, the two moms set forth to create the perfect moving bag. The solution? KEEP. 

It’s time to pack-perfect. 

KEEP bags are thoughtfully designed for organized packing and fold flat for storage in cramped dorm rooms. Lightweight, durable, cost-efficient, and easy to carry, KEEP bags stack perfectly in the trunk of your car and are suitable for airplane travel. Eco-friendly KEEP bags are made from recycled material and save schools from disposing of cardboard boxes on move-in day. 

KEEP bags are currently available at www.buykeepbags.com and DormCo.com. Look for KEEP coming soon to college campuses around the country. Join us on Instagram: keep.packperfect.

About us:

Lisa spent her early career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather and later was one of the first employees at Classic Sports Network/ESPN Classic, leading marketing and sales. Passionate about art and design, Kristen was an Art Director at Federated Department stores and Condé Nast for most of her career. The sisters previously collaborated on www.styledrum.com and are inspired by their love of travel, family, sports, and interior design.

Contact: email: buykeepbags@gmail.com | visit: www.buykeepbags.com